• Welcome!  My name is Kelly and I am so glad you found my little spot on the world wide web. Writing a blog has been a dream of mine for a long time, but I have to admit hitting that publish button was one of the scariest moments of my life!    I live in an awesome house with hardwood floors and wonderful nooks and crannies and it is full of love with laughter in the walls. I have 3 wonderful children-Caleb-22  a 2018 graduate of the U of M, with an amazing job at Federal Express, my curly hair, and an incredible work ethic; Hannah Beth-17 who is in11th  grade at Houston High School, with a GPA that continues to amaze me, a love of 80’s music, 90’s fashion, and Jesus…and my 41st birthday present-Colton-8 who is in the fourth-grade at Riverdale with the most beautiful blue eyes, loving heart and ability to always see the best in everyone.   I love to play in the snow, walk in the rain, and go barefoot in the summer. I love to sing in the car and don’t care who hears me. I love the smell of Fresh cut grass, baking bread and baby powder. I love the sound of laughter and the rain falling. I can’t stand a bully or a phony. I like to laugh until my stomach hurts and cry until I feel better. I am a loyal friend once you are my friend you are my friend for life. When I love someone, I love them with all my heart! I am a simple person-what you see is what you get!!! My life hasn’t gone exactly as I planned, but it is better than I ever dreamed of. I am a hippy at heart and I am finally finding my voice after many years of never having one. I love to write…and one day I want to write my story and use it to help people who have lost their voice…..