The House That Built Me

Dear Little White House on Arthur Road,

Thank you. Thank you for making us feel welcome the first time we walked through your cheerful red door. Thank you for loving us when we weren’t really lovable…when we yelled at each other…when we slammed doors and closed hearts….when we cried tears of frustration and fear and hurt….your comforting walls always brought us back together again….maybe a little scared up from battle, but wiser…thank you for that. Thank you for helping us see that we were still a family…because families come in all shapes and sizes. Thank you for showing me that starting over is scary and hard, but doable and that I was very much up for the job. Thank you for teaching me that a home is the people, not the place. We have celebrated birthdays, and Christmas and the first day of school and the last days of school…and hundreds of everyday kind of days thrown in between…and those are wonderful gifts. Thank you for showing us just how blessed we are by the wonderful friends that have passed through your door….and all the love we have been shown while living here. Thank you for providing a place of refuge….of safety and security. No matter how bad it was storming outside your walls, I always knew I could come in and lock the doors and I would be safe. When I found out we would have to leave you, I felt like a part of my heart was dying. I felt like I just didn’t have it in me to start over again….I was tired. I thought I would never feel safe or secure again. But I was wrong. You see, I thought I felt brave because of you….which was silly because when you truly love someone you don’t want them to depend on you for their strength and courage…you want to help them see, no matter how painfully hard at the time, that they are strong enough….and I know you have loved us these last two years. And now I know….it’s not your four walls that make me brave….no, it’s because at some point, during these last two years, I BECAME brave. Thank you for that.

Kelly, Caleb, Hannah Beth, Colton, and ZooeyIMG_1892

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