Routines As a Form of Self Care


I feel that routines can be a daily form of self-care in our hectic lives.  Children receive much comfort and security in knowing what comes next in their daily lives.  If we are honest, adults aren’t any different in this regard.  And while I realize that routine isn’t always possible in our everyday life, it is something we can strive for.  Begin with your morning and evening routine.  At the beginning of the year, I made it a goal to get up an hour before my children do.  While I haven’t been successful every single day, I have had more successful days than not and I celebrate that victory(extending grace to yourself is an important part of self-care too!)!  I have found that this time in the morning is a very important part in how my day unfolds. And it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or time-consuming.  My ideal morning routine consists of drinking a mug of warm lemon water, having some time to read, journal and pray and having some time on my yoga mat to stretch and do a short yoga routine.  It’s completed in under 45 minutes and,  in my opinion, is the most important part of my day.  after investing in myself and taking the time to fill my cup back up, I am ensuring that I have something to give to others.  My evening routine consists of putting the house to bed (general pick up and put away), putting the children to bed,  then some personal time.  Most nights that means a hot bath, some chamomile tea, journaling, and reading.  I try to keep electronics out of the bedroom during this time, and again, celebrate the victories instead of beating myself up when life gets hectic.  Self-care doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive.  It just takes a little discipline, a bit of planning, and a belief that you are worth it…because you know what? You ARE!!

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