So Long Sweet Summertime



and the livings easy.

Our summer holiday has officially drawn to a close as school started back last week.  It has been a wonderful 72 days full of sun, fun, no schedules, no homework and lots and lots of memories being made.  But now it is time for structure and routine to come front and center and can I tell you a little secret?  I am a seriously happy camper.  I am one of those odd souls that thrive on schedules and break out in an anxious sweat at the thought of two months without it.  But I am also learning to embrace every stage and phase and season of this amazing thing called life.  But I know that my bent, the way God created me, is to love and crave structure and I am finally at a place in my life that I no longer waste any more of my precious days on this earth wishing God had made me a different way.  For many years I tried to live my life the way OTHER people thought I should live my life, and in the process lost many precious years.  But no more.  I now live for an audience of One, and you know what?  He loves me quirks and all!  He doesn’t think I dress too youthful or wear my hair too long, He created me to be this way, and I can finally say, after almost 52 years on this earth, I am glad He did!  My Creator doesn’t make mistakes or junk, so I am fearfully and wonderfully made in His image, and that my friends, is all I need to know!  I am glad to be back blogging…thanks for coming along for the ride!!

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